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Hello Chris! Thank you for the info! I'm going to see cannabis prescribing doctor next week. Still thinking whether to go, or cancel the appointment, it's expensive, the appointment and canabis too. I'm in Australia. Fighting sfn for about five years, about three years ago I've started with R- alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L carnitine, and magnesium, D and B complex to get some relief. Can't use standard medication too, got allergic reactions, so scared of anything drs. Prescribing, wouldn't touch lyrica, etc.
Not sure if I can drive, if I take cannabis in the evening before. In my state I can't drive with THC test positive. But medical canabis is legal.
Even bought from USA from maxcbd wellness, but not sure if I'm OK to drive, so stopped taking, before I could experience any relief from pain.
Also, I've heard, that cannabis can take some vitamins and minerals, like magnesium, do you take any supplements to replenish?
Any advice is highly appreciated 🙏! I'm hoping to achieve greater results from cannabis than supplements.
I'm hoping to reduce supplements and take just cannabis for the pain.
And thank you for the article, going on to read it!
Would you possibly know of any reputable companies who post to Australia? Only found maxcbd wellness, quite expensive though.

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Hi, @sharka.

I have had sfn for about 30 years. Started meds in 2011, gabapentin, and it was slightly helpful pain-wise, but made me high and I gained about 25 lbs. Then to nortriptyline, which was ok, but my neurologist recommended medical marijuana. That was about 5 years ago. It took about a year to figure myself out. Some of it was that they didn't say, or I didn't hear, that you need a consistent dose so that you have a consistent blood level. and it takes a month for it to build up. So I played around with it and didn't get much relief. But, then I got it and now it is helping well.

I do not smoke. I know many do, but my disease is pretty advanced and I need to have that consistent dose, and smoking doesn't provide that. I take pills. I am sensitive to thc, so I can't have it in the day. So, for the day I take medical cbd only, 60 mg. Then, at night, I take cbd and thc to help me get to sleep and stay asleep. dose depends on if it worked the night before and, if not, I take more.

I hope this helps you even though this is almost a year after you originally wrote.