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Good evening @sharka, it is wonderful to meet you on Connect. You've been quite busy since your arrival on July 22. As I gather…..you have idiopathic SFN (small fiber neuropathy). How long have you been trying to get a good handle on pain control?

My introduction to medical cannabis was facilitated by a surgical nurse friend who took me under her wing and started me on a small dose in a vape pen. I was blown away at how much relief I was able to receive just from the testing. Besides that I am highly allergic to opiods and many other standard medications.

I quickly realized that with Maggie's help, I might have a chance. That was some time ago way before CA legalized recreational as well as medical marijuana.

To get this going, you might want to tell me the state you live in. I will be happy to check out all of the laws and procedures in your hometown. If possible it is best to start with tinctures and topicals……save the edibles and beverages for a party someday. If available, it is helpful to request a meeting with a pharmaceutical specialist in the dispensary, who helps folks select their first cannabis. Therefore it is important that you make sure that he/she knows what other medications you are taking and with what medical conditions you are dealing.

Essentially, you will soon become your own prescriber. And for that reason, we have the following reminder……." you can always have more…..you can never have less". Just keep that in mind.

The tincture bottles have droppers with measuring marks (e.g. mg). So if you are using a 3:1 CBD/THC then you know that there will be 3 times more CBD than THC in whatever amount you draw into the dropper. With some products, especially topicals, you might have two options……a 3:1 CBD/THC for chronic pain and a 1:3 CBD/THC for acute pain.

To get started, here is a link to a new publication about dosing.
Why don't you give me an update after reading the article? Then it may be time to head on up the hill.

Thanks for your interest and I hope this is a good start. I will now take the top off my nightcap.
May we both have comfort and ease tonight.

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Hello Chris! Thank you for the info! I'm going to see cannabis prescribing doctor next week. Still thinking whether to go, or cancel the appointment, it's expensive, the appointment and canabis too. I'm in Australia. Fighting sfn for about five years, about three years ago I've started with R- alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L carnitine, and magnesium, D and B complex to get some relief. Can't use standard medication too, got allergic reactions, so scared of anything drs. Prescribing, wouldn't touch lyrica, etc.
Not sure if I can drive, if I take cannabis in the evening before. In my state I can't drive with THC test positive. But medical canabis is legal.
Even bought from USA from maxcbd wellness, but not sure if I'm OK to drive, so stopped taking, before I could experience any relief from pain.
Also, I've heard, that cannabis can take some vitamins and minerals, like magnesium, do you take any supplements to replenish?
Any advice is highly appreciated 🙏! I'm hoping to achieve greater results from cannabis than supplements.
I'm hoping to reduce supplements and take just cannabis for the pain.
And thank you for the article, going on to read it!
Would you possibly know of any reputable companies who post to Australia? Only found maxcbd wellness, quite expensive though.

And Chris, just read leaded hemp from above link, are you concerned about pesticides and heavy metals? That's really bad for neuropathy!
So many good information in the link, thank you again 🙏 😊!

Thank you for the dosing website you recommended Chris, it is exactly what I was looking for!