Changes in oral health post covid or the covid vaccine?

Posted by 2tnt @2tnt, May 3 5:52am

I take really good care of my teeth and have noticed changes in my teeth. I have experienced some chipping and my gum line looks like I am older than I am.

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Good morning, @2tnt There are some studies taking place regarding Covid and the effect it can have on oral health. That virus has been shown it can impact almost everything in the body so it wouldn’t be any surprise at all to find out that there can be a connection. Though most of the symptoms of cracked or chipped teeth are being assigned to bruxism (grinding of teeth) brought on by the stress of this pandemic. With the disruption of regular professional dental care patients are also seeing changes in their overall oral health.

But I was able to find a couple of interesting articles for you to read.

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I read through several of your previous postings and see that you have hypothyroidism. That can also have a significant impact on your overall oral health so I thought I’d toss in an article that you might find helpful regarding thyroid and dental health.

Your Thyroid and Dental Health
Have you mentioned any of this to your dentist?


Wow! This is great. Thank you so much!


I've had swollen gums since my acute infection 11 months ago.

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