CBD oil for Neuropathy

Posted by gfisher100 @gfisher100, Jun 2, 2018

Has anyone used CBD oil or anything similar for use in relieving Neuropathy?

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Anyone have luck with CBD products for foot neuropathy? I’m in long term recovery so I need to be careful. Currently on Lyrica (600 mg daily) & Cymbalta (90 mg daily) with minimal benefits.

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Try this site to help get your “sweet spot” on dosing of CBD oil at cbdoilusers.com. I found this site most helpful and the site has some good information and resources for products.


Relieving neuropathy is a challenge. What I found this winter was sleeping with socks on and warmer fleece PJ bottoms and a blanket on the bed has greatly decreased my nighttime leg and foot cramps and neuropathy. I can honestly say I don’t feel any pain when I sleep and I sleep very well. If you search thru the numerous postings of our peers you’ll most likely find many suggestions that have and have not worked. I don’t recommend using CBD alone but use it with some THC for an improved effect. It’s trial and error and it took me about a year to find my sweet spot.

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