Mesynchymal Stem Cells to treat Neuropathy

Posted by mramme @mramme, Thu, Jan 10 4:05pm

Neo Matrix Medical in Ormond Beach, Fl is using Mesynchymal Stem Cells to treat Neuropathy. They claim that they have had much success. Can anyone tell me if this is a legitament treatment for neuropathy or a hoax? I have had neuropathy for 12 years and tried every treatment that has been available. Just take drugs.

Hello @mramme, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I've had small fiber peripheral neuropathy for 20+ years but I only have numbness and have found no drugs that address that symptom for me. I have no medical background or training but I have yet to hear of a documented successful stem cell treatment for neuropathy. I did find a sort of promising article but it sounds like there is a lot of danger signals when you read through it and it's only discussing diabetic neuropathy.

National Institutes of Health – Mesenchymal stem cells to treat diabetic neuropathy: a long and strenuous way from bench to the clinic

I also attached some notes I took at a Minnesota Neuropathy Association meeting last August where the speaker was discussing the outlook of stem cell treatments for neuropathy. The last section of the notes has links to why it's not ready for prime time treatment yet. Also the FDA has put out several warnings on these clinics popping up all over the U.S.

FDA Warns About Stem Cell Therapies

Are you able to share some of your symptoms and what you have tried for treatments?

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