CBD Oil for Anxiety

Posted by cdcc @cdcc, Sep 22, 2018

Question, does anyone take CBD oil for anxiety and if so how much a day do you take? I’ve been using it bu5 not sure if I am using the correct amount. I’m weaning off 0.5 Ativan and my anxiety is acting up but not to severe

@cdcc, I modified the title of your discussion to be specifically about anxiety. I believe you've seen this discussion about CBD use for depression and anxiety https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/cbd-oil-and-depression-anxiety/

I'm glad to hear your anxiety is not too severe as you wean off Ativan. Was CBD oil recommended by your physician?


I take CBD oil for osteoarthritis and anxiety. I got it from Green Mountain CBD and also locally. I just decided to try CWHemp.com to compare. I do notice a difference in quality sometimes. I've tried all kinds of arthritis meds, but nothing has helped like CBD. It makes it much easier to do my yoga and weight classes. It has been so amazing for my arthritis. As for anxiety, I noticed that CBD slows down my brain "chatter." So, it's great to take it at 7 pm or so, so I don't stay up worrying/overthinking. I will say it makes me a tad dull witted and forgetful. I'd never take it during the day.


How much do you take? I have both regular CBD oil and CBD oil with THC which I don’t really are fot

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