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CBD oil and depression/anxiety

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I have been totally off the effexor and all anti-depressants for 2 weeks now. The dizziness is getting much better however my emotions/agitation are horrible. I cry at everything and am extremely crabby/agitated. I realize most of this has to do with the withdrawal. I really want to see this through to find out if I can live without anti-depressants but at the same time I know it's very hard on my family. I have another doctor appt beginning of April and she says that if I don't feel better by then I most likely will need to go back on an anti-depressant. For the most part I agree with her. My hopes of proving her wrong as getting slim however. I'd like to know how long it took some of you who have withdrawn from anti-depressants to feel somewhat 'normal' or you knew you had to go back on them? I guess I'm asking if another month is a good amount of time for me to determine what I should do. In some ways I feel like I should start on them again now but I'm not going there yet? BTW, I am in no way feeling suicidal. Mornings seem to be my worst time and by early evenings I feel somewhat better – is this strange too? I haven't tried the CBD living water yet but did find a place near me to get it. Just havent had the time to get there. I also have the Ativan which I take one night to help with sleep. I'm trying not to take it unless really necessary. Tomorrow I have a huge even that my husband and I are in charge of so I'm planning to take an Ativan in the morning to get me through the day without falling apart (crying scene) in front of everyone (or yelling at them) :)! Thanks for all your input!!

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@lalyfa In 2010 I went off a cocktail of psychotropics including antidepressants, antianxiety and antipsychotics cold turkey. The meds were wrong for me and the withdrawal was severe and I rarely slept, had RLS, neuropathy and cranky beyond words. Some of these meds took 9+ months to clear my system. Be sure to follow doctor's advice. I did not have a doctor at the time and would not go to the ER knowing it would have resulted in more abuse. Not an intelligent thing to do and not sorry I made the choice even though the experience was horrific and would not reccomend anyone go this route. As to how long the withdrawal lasts the best thing is to discuss this with a pharmacist as this is where their training is and they understand much better and be of help. Wishing you the best.

@parus thank you for your reply! Wow I’m sure you went through much more than me but now your experience is helping others! I never thought to check with my pharmacist but it sounds like a wise suggestion! Thank you!

Did you titrate off slowly?? Those issues can be decreased and your rebound symptoms will not be as bad if you titrate off for a month. There are other meds now. Do you have a good psychiatrist who deals with mood disorders? Some are"t. Get a 2nd opinion if your insurance allows, or even if not. id a response about Cannabis below…

I have been wanting to do this myself but I haven't. You are brave. Hang in there!! Want to get off all anti-depressants or at least the Effexor. I can't focus my eyes very well , esp later in the day /night. If I miss one day, WOAH… it does have BAD withdrawals.

How is your nutrition? And exercise? And yoga stretches? And meditation/prayer/contemplation? And life style choices. I think it's interesting there is so much emphasis on meds and little on life style choices which are a big player in our health.

Your remark about feeling worse in mornings is common. I get that too. It begins to get better as the day progresses and by evening I am feeling fine. Docs don’t seem to have an explation for this.

you and I sound very much alike. I have been off my antidepressants(have tried many since effexor quit 2 1/2 years ago) for 4 months and still don't have any good days.. i don't know if I will ever feel like I did when I was on the effexor for 18 years before it quit working. If I felt half as good as when it was working I would be happy. I also take attivan, but am at 3 mg. a day just to help me through the anxiety. My worst time is first thing in the morning(usually awake at 4;00 I assume from trying so many drugs) and it is bad till noon and sometimes improves by evening. I have been told depending on how long you have been on antidepressants that it can take up to 6 mths to a year to feel better. I don't mean to sound like a downer but am stating what I have read. If you are still following any replies as you were posting in 2018 I would be interested where you are now with the cbd oil and meds.

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