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CBD oil and depression/anxiety

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Dec 22, 2020 | Replies (838)

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@gailb I am in SC where it can only be prescribed for last days of cancer pain because they don't care if they get "addicted". I will not get on my soapbox, but I would much prefer being addicted to marijuana as there have never been any scientific studies that prove a physical addiction to marijuana as opposed to opiates. Maybe a psychological dependence, but two very different animals. However, I do believe the CBD oil that does not contain THC is legal federally and in all states.

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Cbd is federally legal in all 50 states they say it is a food supplement. Each individual state has their own laws regarding cbd oil. I believe North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, are states where it is illegal.

! was ADDICTED to marijuana and became psychotic and suicidal. I did not know I was depressed. Now under psychiatric care thru my HMO. There are other addicted, there are Marijuana Anonymous Meetings in my community. Check out the research at "National Institutes of Health" – LOTS of published research also information thru Betty Ford Hazelden Clinic. Glad it works for some people.

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