Having auras and memory issues, yet test results confusing

Posted by Nadn @nadinen, May 27, 2019

I didnt understand my doctor well.. this is the first time something was found with eeg.. i had two before when i was younger..never found anything until now.. also had mri never found anything

I was told to do a new mri
Doctor said dont bother because even if there was something i wont go through with a surgery since epilepsy is considered well controlled

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Someone advised me to get a thin cut mri to see the left side more clearly incase there is something..and get surgery if possible instead of taking medication for life.. what are your opinions..i feel if im well controlled im ok but i hate medication too ..

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Hi, @nadinen – wondering how you are doing and if you and your doctor decided to pursue the thin-cut MRI to see the left side more clearly or possibly proceed with surgery?


Hi, at the moment i am taking extra tegratol, and i am going to see if that helps, if that doesnt help my simple partials, my doctor is convinced the sensations i am feeling may be due to anxiety and will put me on an anxiety medication

I hope it doesnt get to that point,but anything for these auras and partials to go away.

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