Burning Mouth Syndrome. I have it very severe.

Posted by mygrigio @mygrigio, Aug 5, 2011

I am a 76 year old women and have had this condition for almost a year. it is getting worse everyday. been to many doctors and not one of them has heard otf it, I am getting desperate

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I’ve had BMS for over 17 years. Over time it has lessened because I’ve learned to deal with it. But there are days when it’s so bad that I feel like hitting my head against the wall. There are a couple of good groups on Facebook that give a lot of help and suggestions.


I suffered from burning tongue, and not one doctor took me seriously. Did some research and learned that the blasted medication prescribed by the then-neurologist was behind my suffering. Burning tongue and totally dry mouth. Was so difficult to deal with since I was a language teacher in a high school setting, teaching 6 classes per day. Had to have bottled water placed in various areas of my classroom (I did not stand still while I taught, since I enjoyed interacting with the students). Became intensely bad until I insisted that I would no longer take certain medications, went to another neurologist who crated a tapering schedule for me. Still had periodic episodes of burning tongue but so much milder. Hurt nonetheless. Chips of ice was/is so soothing. Used to chew gum but that created issues with my partial so used non-methylated cough drops/lozenges instead. Over time, the condition ameliorated, and presently I experience it mostly when not sufficiently hydrated. I also learned within the past few months that there is a connection with burning mouth syndrome and a lack of certain essential vitamins, I believe it's the B family. I've been on B12 injections monthly (prescribed by a neurologist who was consulted due to my having so many neurological problems), for nearly 9 yrs now. I gather that those injections contributed to my having obtained relief from my painful symptoms.

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