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Posted by @mbabkk, Tue, Jan 8 2:20am

After having been off Zoloft for 2 years and only taking Ativan for anxiety attacks I felt I needed more stability – my neurologist suggested I try Brintellix and provided a 2 week trial. It is indeed a powerful medication focused on clinical depression but I feel much better now and will probably stay on this after consultation with my neurologist next week – will keep you posted ( very few side effects)


Great! Brinttellix and Trintillix are, I believe, the same drug. When it works and is agreeable, it is wonderful. I went from duloxetine to Trintillix, and we did not get along. Tried it for two months, and am now transitioning to Prozac. You are so very fortunate, and I hope you continue down a good road with Brintillix.

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