Breathless with exercise

Posted by sgomez63 @sgomez63, Nov 3 4:43pm

I’ve been exercising for month, swimming 2-3 days, strength/cardio 2 days. I suddenly could not swim one length of the pool, when I had been able to swim for 45 mins without issue. Experience breathlessness just cooking dishes, laundry, walking to my mailbox. Any type of exercise, causes breathless.

Dr can’t find anything causing the breathlessness.

– Stress test came back clear.
– echo Moderate concentric left ventricular hypertrophy.
– pulmonary function test. Normal spirometry/lung volume. DLCO mildly reduced
-ECG Baseline and/or hyperventilation ST-T changes preclude reliable interpretation of abnormal ST depression during stress.
– EKG Nonspecific T wave abnormality now evident in Anterior leads
– BNP 186

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Just a thought to have your spine checked… I was like you, very active, then boom ! Short of breath on minimal exertion plus pain/ tingling in left side chest radiating down the arm; finally had numb thumb and off balance in the last months. I went to four major hospitals, soooo many tests over 91/2 years and no one knew why. My husband suggested check my spine, they did, found I had a herniated disc at C5/6 and replaced it. I was fine went from not being able to walk up two steps without resting and panting to 72 straight up ! Now two years later we moved from first floor apartment to three story townhouse and back to 10,000 steps a day. I will never work out at the gym again as I think all that was not helpful for my spine ( extra weight n pressure) Anyhooo, sharing my story hoping to help others not have to go through so much!
I am thinking this other SOB (air hunger we experience here and discuss) is probably another disc problem but I am trying to keep it under control so no more surgery; but, if need relief and the neurosurgeon sees another disc problem, I would do it for relief as we understand here on this discussion, it isn’t fun;( good luck


I have similar problem now. Only I have a 2-year history starting with mild shortness of breath, diagnosed with multifocal lung cancer and coronary artery disease. But I exercised and could manage to it. I had two VAT surgeries on lungs, one series of radiation on lung and had stent put in. I was OK but in the last month things got much worse and I can't do anything without panting. My oxygen levels fall with exertion.
CT scan showed more weird stuff in lungs including fibrosis. They gave me 10days of antibiotics but that did not help. PFT shows decrease in pulmonary function since April (but I have dry cough so that interferes). They suspect alveolitis so I just started 6 weeks of prednisone. Otherwise back to heart catheterization to see if problem is there. I had Covid twice in 2022 but nothing this year.


I work out at the local Y. I use weight machines using light weight. I am 68 years old. I also worked out in the Y- pool three days a week. I experienced breathlessness. Long story short the high amounts of chlorine used in a public pool which is enclosed was the cause of me becoming breathless. Months after removing myself from the pool I am much much better. Hope this gives you a idea to help your situation.


Thanks. I’ve not been in the pool since July, the breathlessness is getting worse


Curious as to whether you have had COVID. Breathlessness or Short of Breath is a sign of long COVID. Praying for you.

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