Brain Aneurysm

Posted by Kari Ulrich, Alumna Mentor @kariulrich, Aug 15, 2011

Dr. Robert Brown, Jr., M.D., Chair of Neurology, Mayo Clinic discusses “Brain Aneurysm Awareness Day” with the Minnesota Twins and the Joe Niekro Foundation on August 21, 2011.

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I was in an accident a few months ago and struck my head on the concrete left a couple of large welts to my forehead and left-side. During my three day hospital stay, an aneurysm was detected. Since this time; I have dizzy spells, vomiting, disorientation, vertigo and headaches. Is an aneurysm, which is caused from the blow to the head, more or less dangerous than other brain aneurysms. Quality of life has not been the same as before the accident? I am very concerned in regards to the future and frantically searching for answers.

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Are your headaches gone since you had your surgery?


I recently have had a stroke(s), they found a brain aneurysm in the center of my brain. I’m 44 years old.
I struggle everyday just to make it through the day. Between the pain in my head, the loss of half my vision in my left eye, confusion, half of my face being partially numb, and some loss of finding the right words to say.
This has been going on since early June. The doctors & neurologists that I have been dealing with, don’t seem to be real clear on things. They have sent me back to work, and told me that it was ok to drive, even though I can’t see things to my left!! I just had my angiogram last Tuesday, they are going to use the coil technique in middle of or end of Aug.
Shouldn’t this be done right away, to prevent further damage, or worse yet, death?

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