Body making too much Vitamin B6

Posted by granolamama @granolamama, Feb 15, 2019

I had many labs done this week in an attempt to figure out why I am dealing with chronic muscle and joint pain, and severe exhaustion and weakness. The results came back showing that my B6 (normal range is 2-20) is 116. I do take one supplement each evening, and my doctor said it’s far less than she even takes, and in no way would account for such a number. She is completely confused, saying she has never seen such a thing, and couldn’t even come up with any info on it. She will spend some time meeting with other doctors this weekend to brain storm.
I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this, or has any info. I am googling like a mad woman, and the only info I can find is about people taking too much B6 in supplement form, and the dangers of it in their system. Nothing whatsoever about a person’s body making too much. Ideas?

My Vitamin B6 is slightly elevated and still no answer and I do not take any Vitamin B’s at all.


@granolamama, @redhead63 have you found out the cause of your Vitamin B6 levels being high?

The National Institutes of Health has a good information page on Vitamin B6 that might help you find some answers. Wondering if diet maybe part of the problem (foods containing B6) or vitamins/supplements taken daily that contain levels of B6 that you might not be aware of as having any B6 in them.

NIH – Vitamin B6 —

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