Blocked tear ducts / stents fell out... next

Posted by fancyrph @fancyrph, Jan 30, 2019

My tear ducts are blocked from trauma of long term inflammation after getting poison in my eyes. I am constantly wiping the tears of my eyes so they don’t roll down my face. The tears also impede my vision. This is so annoying & causing problems. The mini minoka stents put in by an oculoplastic surgeon didn’t even last a month. One fell out the next day & the other within 30 days. The next procedure to fix the problem is to go up through the nose to cut a new place for years to drain down into. Has anyone had blocked tear ducts & what have you done to fix it that has worked? Thanks.

@fancryph Hi I have and my son when born had clogged tear ducts my Dr told me to run my finger in corner from top to bottom several times a day to clear them I still do mine daily But check with your eye Dr.first to make sure you have nothing more going on See your Ophthalmologist

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