Bipolar II Depression, Loss, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Posted by conniewolf @conniewolf, Jan 2, 2017

After a lifetime of dealing with cyclic depression, I was diagnosed with Bipolar II.
I have been dealing with a major depression for more than year, brought on by bad business decisions that wiped out my entire retirement savings.
It’s difficult because I am 73 years old, and need to rebuild my life. Have any of you experienced major losses as a result of Bipolar II?
How did you deal with the resulting depression or loss of meaning in your life?
Have any of you had Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy for the depression stage of Bipolar II? If so, do you recommend it for symptoms so closely tied to circumstances?
Do you have other suggestions?

@conniewolf, Hello and Welcome to our Mayo Clinic connect community! I’m so glad you have found a safe place to address your concerns and get support.

I would like to introduce you to other members who are also here discussing Bipolar II. Members @mchel46, @amberpep, @sincere and @jimhd have all shared their story in this thread I am humbled by the help and support they have offered to each other and will offer to you as well.

Here is some information on Transracial Magnetic Stimulation therapy-
@mchel46, @amberpep, @jimhd– have any of you had experience with this that you can relate to Connie?

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