Bipolar II and never feel manic — is that bipolar depression?

Posted by .harp player @amberpep, Dec 13, 2016

Hi all … I have not been around too much, Christmas is not my best time of year. I was diagnosed with Bipolar II which I understand is a milder form of Bipolar I. I never feel manic ….. normal or feeling OK is the best it gets. I am generally always somewhere on the depression scale. Is that Bipolar depression? Are they the same thing? Bipolar II and Bipolar depression?
Thanking you in advance for your answers.

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jmhd with the physical concerns that you are dealing with it is not unusual to feel depression. I also have heard about St, Johns Worts for depression. Your advice that you gave is really good and Especially like about meeting your own needs. Please stay in touch I would like to hear more of what is happening with you

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I understand I have many issues now that I am going through and it takes a lot of emotional and physical draining from me as well. But as long as I do not allow the pain or problem control me and do something than I feel I am not submitting to the body but to my mind. That is what I mean by strong.

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