Posted by monkeytime777 @monkeytime777, Oct 29 3:31pm

Hi. I saw a similar question from a couple weeks ago but didn’t want to ask a question in their thread. I am a 53 year old otherwise healthy male and two weeks ago I started getting twitching in both quads and hip flexors. A few days later I experienced them also in my shoulders and arms along with my legs. I don’t have any apparent muscle weakness although my hamstrings have a sensation of being weak some of the time.

I’m really nervous this is ALS even though it might not fit the more usual presentation of muscle weakness first. The twitching keeps me up at night but sometimes after I’ve gotten a little rest the twitching subsides or is cut down significantly. I also get what I think are myoclonic jerks as I’m falling asleep. Sometimes three or four of them. At times when I’m distracted or exercising most or all of the twitching seems to go away but then later it comes back with a vengence. In addition I do have what seems like nerve hypersensitivity where my muscles fire faster than normal at times.

I do have anxiety although I’ve never formally been diagnosed and I definitely have health anxiety. I have an appt with my GP this week but I just wanted to ask if anyone has had a similar presentation of symptoms that turned out to be BFS and not ALS. I’m pretty scared right now and am hoping that the fact that the twitches are all over rather than just in one location can still be BFS. Has anyone else had BFS present this way? Thank you!

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@monkeytime777 i have this but was diagnosed with hereditary spastic paraplegia complex type. it was found by a mitochondrial genetic test. potassium and calcium ion channelopathy can also give these symptoms it's more noticeable at bedtime because your muscles are not receiving the instructions to stop so you get that sensation. there's a lot of thing it could be besides ALS. I know its scary especially with this kind of thing. Best of luck to ya

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