Best Products to use before & after surgery

Posted by maxxrose @maxxrose, Nov 6 5:13pm

Hi- I am being scheduled for sleeve surgery in January and am concerned about getting the nutrients I need during the whole process. I am struggling to get enough protein & calcium in my diet as it is, and already take vitamin D3, B12, and magnesium supplements.

What are your go to foods, shakes, supplements to get the nutrients you need?

Also, was there something specific to ward off hair-loss and fatigue?

Lastly, I tried “liquid IV” and couldn’t stomach it! Are there other electrolyte drinks that work for preventing dehydration?

Thank you in advance for any info or advice.

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maxxrose @maxxrose

Have you asked to have an appt with a nutritionist at location where your having surgery. They would be able to give your suggestions.

Here are a couple articles on Connect about protein, they do not give any specific brands. Hope this helps.
Guidance on Selecting Protein Powders, Shakes, and Bars
Tips and suggestions for eating protein after a bariatric procedure or surgery
Sneaking in Protein When Shakes Aren't Your Thing
I use Liquid IV, but only half packet at time, an alternative might be Pedialyte or a generic version of.



I had the Sleeve Gastrectomy 12 years ago and have actually been better about getting necessary nutrients! As long as you supplement with a B12 injection or pill, you should be fine. I understand that it is the patients who get the Gastric Bypass that need to be concerned about getting the necessary nutrients because the food is bypassing the top portion of your intestines. Good luck with your surgery in January…you will wish you had done it sooner! ❤️

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