Posted by freeman0313 @freeman0313, Nov 3, 2011

I have bedbugs in my house I don’t know how to get ride of them my house has been spray 4 times by terminex, the beds are covered by bedbugs proof material I dry all the linen in my house I vacuum 2 times a day morning and evening before bed I’m frustrated please help me I have twin of 4 years I’m verry concern.

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I’ve read of people placing all the linens into plastic bags which would, in theory, suffocate the bugs. I’m not sure what to do otherwise, I wish I could offer more info.


There was a story on a national news program some months ago that said that only heat (I don’t remember the temperature) would eradicate them. There are companies who will drive a truck to your house, place your furniture inside and then heat the contents to kill the critters. I’d go online and enter bedbugs into all available search engines until I found out the solution and a state certified company that offers that solution.


i did hear that a steamer for beds and couches work because it is only heat that kill them. failing that, throw out all mattresses and buy bedbug proof covers for your new ones. throw out or steamclean all cushions and couches in house. you can also buy bedbug proof pilliowcases


Heat treatments do not work. The bugs simply go into the woodwork to come out later. Your beds need to be replaced. If the frames are wood they need to be thrown out as well. Very long process. When bed frames are replaced replace them with metal or hard plastic. Local school went through all this. Very difficult and expensive.

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