Baby Asprin for Heart Attack Prevention

Posted by tim1028 @tim1028, Feb 16, 2021

The latest AHA guidelines (2019) reduce the recommended use of baby aspirin to prevent heart attacks, especially for primary prevention in patients over 70. For secondary prevention(previous heart attack or heart disease) baby aspirin is recommended after 70 after a consultation with your doctor.

I have atherosclerosis but have not had a heart attack or any invasive procedures performed. I am 72 and take a statin and a baby aspirin. Are you over 70 and taking a daily baby aspirin. Why are you taking it? Although I am taking a daily aspirin the risk of a GI bleed or hemorrhagic stroke troubles me somewhat.

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@tim1028 Hi Tim I'm not 70 yet and I'm a Heart Transplant receipiant but I thought I would add at least my own experience.
I too take a baby asprin and it used to be every day but just recently my Cardiologist in seeing I've been brusing easier recently basically purpleish spots mostly on my arms and I don't remember hitting them. So she dropped my frequency to every other day to see if that helps. So maybe discuss your concerns with your doctor and see what they say.
Have a Blessed Day


Dana– Every other day baby aspirin sounds like a really good idea. Thanks.


I had bypass (5) surgery a little over 17 years ago. I take 2 81mg aspirin a day since then. One in the morning and one at night. Seems to work fine for me.

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