Ascending thoracic aneurysm: What should I do and not do?

Posted by mustangsally67 @mustangsally67, Wed, May 6 12:39pm

Last year I was diagnosed with a dilation, that measured 3.9 had a Thoracic CT on now it is 4.3. The cardiologist said to repeat in one year. Is this ok. I am 71 yrs old. Also what should I not be doing, and also what should I be doing

Hi @kristipurvis123, Welcome to Connect. I am sorry to hear about your son. That is a heavy load of diagnoses for a 16 yr old. What was the number jump in his dilation? Do they plan to start any other medication?


Try to reduce stress, exercise, do not lift over 50 pounds, bike, garden, quit watching the news which helps you to reduce stress and keep doing your yearly tests. That is what i do and my number is 4.6, which means i am closer to surgery.


Hi there! I presently have a second dilation of the ascending aorta aneurism above the diaphragm it is 5cm in diameter. I already have a pre-existing aortic dissection that extends from my heart all the way down to femoral arteries. Part of the aorta has been replaced/repaired with Dacron back in 1996. I think I’m screwed as the surgeon doesn’t want to go to surgery so they doubled my blood pressure meds and suppose to be watching but with COVID everything has ground to a halt. I’m 52 female but I feel the outcome won’t be good but what I was wondering is I am having trouble swallowing food now and think it must be the pressure of the aneurysm on my esophagus ….does this seem plausible??

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