Are we meant to be happy?!

Posted by aliali @aliali, Feb 6, 2019

Yes; this is my question. I am depressed and wonder whether we are meant to be happy or sad. I feel like there are two persons inside me body-one of them would say :"Sure! life is happiness". I hear this answer if I am not experiencing a panic attack. If I experience a panic attack, the other person inside me would say: "The aim of life is nothing but sadness". I am totally exhausted to deal with those two persons! I need the help ASAP! I feel such a black cloud passing above my mind!


@aliali – that is a very interesting question about whether we are meant to be happy, in light of experiencing depression and feeling as though the answer might differ with experiencing a panic attack or not. Feeling a black cloud passing above your mind does indeed sound very difficult.

I'd like to invite @gailb @cdcc @notaround @yangedd @guener @thankful to offer their insights on this question about whether we are meant to be happy or sad, plus any tips they may have on moving the black cloud away from above your mind.

@aliali – you previously mentioned having been put on a new antidepressant. Have you found that this or any anti-anxiety medications you may be taking or have taken in the past help balance those two persons inside your body warring about whether life is meant to be happy or sad?

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@lisalucier Your mentioning the side effects of medications could be contributing. I have been on phych meds that stole happiness and hope. I have these things back now and can again feel. Thank you for this input. I won't mount my soapbox on this one as I may stroke out.

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