anyone with PVC experience heart racing after eating?

Posted by lori55 @lori55, May 26 8:04am

Along with my other episodes I experience. Having been diagnosed with PVC's and hypertension. I', taking Meoprolol, and Losartan. I noticed my heart really races and palpates after eating, along with a slight cough developing.

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Your heart rate increases after eating and digesting from what i understand that is normal. However if you have any type of arrhythmia that probably will exacerbate it.


Hi @lori55
I have had PVCs off and on for 35 years and I always noticed it was worse after eating, particularly sugary foods, carbs especially potatoes. Palpitations too. Once I ate a GIANT baked potato in a restaurant and thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. Now I have had p-afib for over 2 years due to cancer meds and it seems to be triggered by foods also. Every time it starts, I think about my food that day and almost always ate a lot of carbs or the slightest bit of caffeine such as too many bites of chocolate. I'm very caffeine sensitive so I try to avoid it completely, but sometimes a girl just has to stop by See's for a treat! At 64, that's my thrill seeking activity! Gotta live a little now and then! 🙂

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