Anyone use IMT or Airofit?

Posted by woot @woot, Sep 6, 2020

Today after my usual 17 minutes on the treadmill (slowly worked up to this) my oxygenation was 86, has been running 92, 93. Online I stumbled on a Danish company Airofit, A respiratory training device. My last sputum sample did not show Mac For first time in a year. Not coughing. Nebulize saline twice a day. Fatigue is still bad. Assume that’s my brochiectasis getting worse. I hesitate to make appointment with dr at UNC Bronch/Mac clinic because I assume they have plenty of serious Covid or post Covid patients to care for. Any advice?

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I don't use either device – in fact, with additional walking & exercise have been able to get my oxygen levels up even though I am MAC positive & on saline but no antibiotics. Sats in the 80's with moderate exercise are concerning.
I am very concerned that you may be delaying needed medical care due to Covid. Recently, there has been much in the news about the long-term danger of delaying care for chronic conditions. Rest assured that facilities are taking every precaution to keep you safe, and you are much better off being seen in clinic to get ahead of any exacerbation that waiting for a crisis and ending up in the hospital, or worse yet the ER. At least please call your docs for advice, and let us know what they have you do.


Sue, thanks so much. I needed to hear this. I’ll call Dr Daniels Tuesday. I did have a virtual appt in May after bloodwork and sputum sample but no PFT; I need that. Your interest, knowledge and willingness to share your personal al experience make you a valuable resource for me.


Hello 'Woot'. I am with Sue about being concerned about the oxygen drop when you exercise. You may want to ask about a prescription for supplemental oxygen for exercising. They will need to do a pulmonary function test or 6 minute walk to determine if your lowered oxygen level stays low for a long enough period to warrant concern. Let us know what your dr thinks about it.

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