Anyone out there w very high CAC and high LP(a) ?

Posted by gfmama @gfmama, Jan 14 4:00pm

Went for executive physical for no reason other than husband said to go with him. Labs indicted 234 total cholesterol w highish LDL of 138. Doc wanted CT CAC score. Cried when it was 740. Then doc wanted Lipoprotien (a) test. Devastated at 170. Went on 10 mg atorvastatin. Changed lifestyle. After two months LDL is 78. triglycerides 38 My BP always 120/80 or less and passed stress test. It’s devastating to know that LPa is hereditary and causes plaque and clots. I’m 63 and need to lose 20 lbs. but feel very scared. Clinging to hope and faith that I can live long time. If anyone in my boat I’d like to hear from them too.

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Recently found myself in very similar situation. Awaiting results of CAC scan. Stress test scheduled for next week. I share your feelings.
Trying to optimize what I can.. weight, ldl, glucose..
Concerns for son and siblings.


@gfmama Genetically high cholesterol and elevated LP(a) run in my family. While I didn’t get the LP(a) from my dad, I can say he has both and is alive and kicking at age 88! My untreated LDL has been 300 and I had a high calcium score as well. I would say you are not in a better situation than knowing this information and having a doctor that understands how to handle it. No two folks look exactly the same and knowing is so, so helpful. I believe 1 in 5 people in the US have elevated LP(a). Nothing has changed for you except you have more information, and information is what will be helpful to live your best life! You’ve got this!!! 🙂

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