Anyone here have Fuch's Dystrophy?

Posted by Bettyann @bettyann, Dec 11, 2011

I would really like to hear from people who have Fuch’s Dystrophy. I would especialloy appreciate hearing from those who have NOT yet had DSAEK surgery so far. This includes knowledge from those of you who have friends or relatives that might have Fuch’s.
I was diagnosed with Fuch’s (only in my Left eye) in July…it ‘showed up’ after my cataract surgery in that eye. Before that, I had no real problems in that eye (aside from the cloudiness caused by the cataract.
THANK YOU for any and all of your replies! =)

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Anyne diagnosed with Fuchs dystrophy? Have yogu had surgery? I am interested in descemets stripping or something less severe than a cornea transplant. Anyone undergane these less taxng procedures? How about cataracts? Did you have


Has anyone with Fuchs had a problem with vision after cataract surgery.

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Hi, @veriska – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm hoping that members @bettyann and @oldasdirt will return and offer some input on having a vision problem after cataract surgery for a patient with Fuchs'. Also, members like @jakedduck1 @cherriann @peach414144 @hikergirl who have talked about cataract surgery may have thoughts to add.

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What type of vision problem are you or a loved one experiencing, @veriska? When was the cataract surgery?


Has anyone with Fuchs had a problem with vision after cataract surgery.


I too was diagnosed with Fuchs at my final appointment post cataract surgery in both eyes. (June 2019) My eyesight remained cloudy and I had eye pain/pressure (like someone was pushing my eyeballs out) after the surgery. I was prescribed bifocals which have helped me see, but have done nothing for the blurriness and pressure. I was told to get MURO ointment and use it at night. No discernable difference. I am actively seeking a corneal specialist who has worked with many Fuchs patients. Hartford to NYC….willing to travel for right person. I will update when I know something further. Nancy Cullen


Cateract surgery in one eye in April and the other in May 2019. At follow up in June I was told I had Fuchs which is why I have no eyesight improvement, halos, pain and blurriness. Dr. said use Muro ointment at night and scheduled an appt. for 6 months. No way. Even with newly prescribed bifocals, I can't see well enough to drive and any light is painful. I am in need of information, just as you are.


My name is Carole. I had cataract surgery in both eyes in June 2012. I was told by the surgeon prior to the surgery that I had FD. Six months after the surgery, I developed secondary cataracts which were treated by the same surgeon. At that time, I asked him why I felt discomfort in my left eye. He said it was due to how the incision healed. In the next two years, the discomfort in my left eye increase. Also, my vision was not clear like it was following the cataract surgery. I was referred to a cornea specialist who confirmed the FD in both eyes and suggested drops. They help some of the time. By 2016 my distance vision was worse (blurry) in both eyes and discomfort in left eye had increased. I had a cornea specialist in Chicago review my case. He said I had blisters on my left cornea due to the swelling and this was due to the FD. This was causing the discomfort.
My father had FD and a cornea transplant in 1996. I not anxious to have more surgery. Has anyone hade any experience with DSAEK or DMEK?

I have an appointment with a doctor at Mayo Clinic the end of July regarding my diagnosis.

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