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Anyone here have Fuch's Dystrophy?

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Is there anyone here that has Fuch’s Dystrophy that would care to discuss any kind of progress you have made lately?

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I hope I’m not too late to this discussion. My husband (now 64) had LASIK about 8 years ago and had reasonably good vision since. Late last year he was advised he needed cataract surgery. He had his lenses replaced 3 weeks ago (right eye) and 2 weeks ago. After the first surgery, we were reluctant to go through with a second one, but the doctor convinced us it would have a far better result since my husband’s right eye has an anomaly on the retina. Since the surgery, his right eye cannot focus on anything most of the time, while the left eye is highly variable. Some days are much better than others, but he can rarely (one or two days in the past 2 weeks) see things at a distance. The variability is what led me here.

He was not disabled prior to cataract surgery, but is now, as he cannot even drive to work. I take him every day, but he can barely read the computer.

We have one of the best ophthalmologists in town, with the very latest equipment and techniques. It it possible my husband has undiagnosed Fuchs? How obvious is Fuchs to a highly skilled ophthalmologist? Is it possible it was undetected prior to either his LASIK or cataract surgery? We are definitely considering getting a second opinion (depending on what happens at the “3 week checkup” point). Anyone have any comments or suggestions?

I would definately get a second opinion. Please do this because, to me, it will allow you to have peace of mind and THAT is worth a fortune!
I am not sure I understood everything in order, so please forgive me if this is not ‘adding up’ right! 🙂
LASIK surgery is simply done to better your vision so that is no (or very little) need of contacts or glasses… I am not sure when or why they inserted the lens into his eyes…
Lens were inserted into both my eyes after each L & R cataract surgery… My R eye turned out fine… my L eye didn’t want to lose that initial ‘looking through white waxpaper’ vision. The Dr said ‘possible Fuchs’…This was 1 1/2 years ago… Since I didn’t seem to have ANY problems in the R eye (until the last couple of months vision is more dim) I listened to the person who told me it was probably a botched surgery (scraping away too many of the epithilial cells) which has the same EFFECT as Fuch’s.. blurry vision and horrid sensitivity to light.
Through some office slip ups I never rec’d my appt notices (but I STILL should have been more persistant about going back to see a specialist but FEAR kept me from doing it…being really honest here)
Two weeks ago I had an appt and 3 drs examined my eyes. YES, it IS Fuchs…and it has gotten very bad… and yes, I was not going to be the only person i nthe world with Fuchs in just ONE eye…the dimness in my R eye now is from the cornea thickening (beginning of Fuchs) and I have appt to see a cornea specialist on the 21st of this month. I was told DSAEK surgeries are highly superior to a total cornea transplant (which is what they did for Fuchs prior)… So…I’m waiting to see.
Fuchs might be difficult to diagnosis right in the very beginning but definately not as the water blisters on your cornea begin to appear.
I read in a number of places that cataract surgery can bring out the Fuch’s…but eventually the Fuchs would have appeared…so between my cataracts AND the Fuchs I am sure I would have lost all my vision eventually.
I am sorry if this is a ‘mixed up’ way of telling this tale… but I guess my main message to you would be to definately get a 2nd opinion and be persistant in expressing your doubts and fears…just lay it all out on the table…
Best wishes to you!! As long as your reply to a person (like you did to me) a notice will show up on my email… that way you know you will be addressing it to someone with similar questions and answers.


Thanks for the quick response, Bettyann.

I am in total agreement with you that a 2nd opinion will be most helpful. I think we’re best off visiting an ophthalmologist who does not specialize in the most profitable arms (cataracts and LASIK) but primarily in overall eye health. It seems as if many doctors protect one another.

Ultimately, we need to get a correct diagnosis for my husband, but aren’t doing anything until after his 3-week checkup (next week).

Good luck on getting that surgery, and please let those here know more about it. Are transplant cells readily available, so that the surgery can proceed quickly…or is there a waiting list?

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