Anxious: Sorting out meds for pain and anxiety

Posted by girl4god @girl4god, Jul 17, 2021

Has anyone here suddenly been pulled off there opioid meds because they are also taking anxiety meds? Only Hemp CBD oil where I live. I think it’s helping my bone pain. This new doctor made me feel so bad about my anxiety meds that I’m trying to take less of it even though I get it from behavioral health provider. Pain doctor the other day said it sounds like I need my anxiety meds more than pain meds right now. Also if I fail my drug screen I’ll be breaking my pain contract…even though Hemp is legal now. This doctor said we’d taper slowly but does 10 mg decrease of Oxycodone a month seem slow when you’ve been on it for 8 years? I’ve always been a model patient and followed the rules til now. #I think my doctor is trying to kill me!Lol

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Most anxiety meds don't work that way."When" you are fortunate to have found one that works it has to be taken regularly and may take up to 6 weeks to take effect.

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Antidepressants can take up to six weeks to work. Benzodiazepines work within 30 minutes or less. Antidepressants are really worthless for debilitating anxiety in my opinion.

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