Antibiotics for dental work

Posted by JK @contentandwell, Mar 9, 2019

Those of you who are post-transplant, have antibiotics (amoxicillin) been prescribed when you are having teeth cleaning, and if so for how long? This has come up recently for me. My transplant team did call in the prescription but apparently do not feel it is necessary at this point. I said I would be more comfortable taking it so they prescribed it so that I would be at ease with my dental work.
Thanks. JK

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Yes i take amoxicillin for dental work also. My team thought it also wasn't necessary but my dentist wanted it also. So i got the scrip from my dentist. The transplant team , based on other scrips for anything other than the cardio and cholesterol, has my PC taking care of them.


I do not take an antibiotic before dental care. My transplant team said I didn’t need to. My dentist agrees.


Tim was told by his transplant team he did not need to take any antibiotics before dental work unless he had needed to before transplant.


Thanks, @danab @rosemarya @jodeej I feel a bit better knowing that others have not been required to take them. As I said, my surgeon did tell the nurse there was no harm in my taking it if it made me feel more comfortable — it's not as if taking an antibiotic a couple of times a year is going to make me antibiotic resistant.
I find it especially interesting though, and strange, that after a TKR it is required! Some ortho doctors say for two years, some say forever!
I think I will contact my ortho and see what their feelings are on my taking one. That was really what made me assume that now, being on immunosuppressants, it would be required even more.

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