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Posted by grandmaR @grandmar, Mar 31, 2018

I was wondering if anyone tried cryo therapy or medical marijuana for pain management. If you did, how did they/it work?
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Right now, the pain that I'm dealing with is peripheral neuropathy pain in my feet. I tried without success every medication for neuropathy pain, as well as a number of other meds not specifically for neuropathy. I was happy if all they did was nothing. So many of them had side effects from minor to serious enough to be hospitalized. I had a spinal cord stimulator implant in June of last year and the pain was greatly reduced, but not eliminated. Over the past few months, I believe that the neuropathy is progressing, and along with that the pain. I take morphine sulfate contin, which is the only thing that has ever helped, along with Meloxicam and NSAIDS.

I've tried marijuana, which is legal here in Oregon, but it didn't help with the pain, and is too expensive. I have prescription lidocaine cream that I put on my feet to numb the pain. That gives me short term relief. Capzasin cream is said to help with nerve pain, but it didn't help me. My sister is sending me a spray that she has found very effective for pain control. I tend to be quite skeptical about anything that purports to be a miracle cure. But I'm willing to give things a try.

I'm looking forward to seeing what others have to say in this discussion.


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Please consider going to an integrative pain specialist. I was very skeptical about going but I finally pushed myself enough to just do it. I needed the help. My doctor prescribed oxytocin troches and ketamine troches. Somehow they work together for pain and they work great! I have peripheral neuropathy and it works better for the pain than the opioids did. I had fentanyl patches and tramadol for about 15 years on top of lyrica. I still have tramadol and lyrica but was weaned off the fentanyl patches because of the big opioid crisis. Since the oxytocin and ketamine has been helping so far the doctor is considering ketamine infusions. The ketamine kind of just numbs the pain for awhile.

Please let me know if you give it a try and how it works out for you. Good luck and take care!

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I am new here and desperately seeking information about pain relief. I had back surgery in 2001 for severe scoliosis: fused my spine from C7 to L4 and inserted titanium rod held with clamps on my spine. The good news is that I am much better shape than I would have been. I had a wonderful surgeon who gave me a new lease on life for someone that would have been completely hunched and twisted by my age now of 66. However, there is pain that needs to be reckoned with. I will suffice to say that I have tried most EVERYTHING except the spinal stimulator which I came very close to doing. I was working with a Pain Management Group and tried all the so-called topical and oral pain relievers with no success. The only things that worked at all were the ones that make you loopy or addicted which I will not do. I guess the Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation by way of Alpha-Stim or Fisher Wallace Stimulator has been around for awhile but I am just now discovering its existence. It is ironic as one method my physician suggested that I try was an antidepressant as its resulting effect on the brain is to alleviate pain in the body. I refused due to the side effects but then found the CES devices. In my book, this looks to be as effective as the spinal stimulator that you have surgically hooked up to your spine without the surgical permanency.
Has anyone tried either one of those devices that have electrodes that transmit impulses to the brain, mainly for the cessation of depression but with the wonderful side effect of making the brain not think about the pain in the body?

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I've had Alpha-Stim for 7 years. I was going through PT for my back pain and the therapist put these electrodes on me, set the device for 20 minutes and left. Then she came back in, put clips on my ears set the device for 20 minutes and left. I only had about 20 minutes left of my PT and thought she just did that because she wanted a break, too lazy to work like we usually do. Boy was I wrong. That night I slept better than I had in some time. Not once did I wake up due to pain. The next morning I got up and was surprised by how good I felt. So I skipped my normal pain meds. At my next visit she asked how I did, then prescribed a unit for me to have at home. Recently the electrodes broke, and they said they changed the leads so I'd have to get a new unit. During this time I've had to take pills for sleep as well as more pain pills.

So in my experience, it gives me a general feeling of wellbeing, helps me sleep, and cuts my pill consumption by 75%. I had forgotten how effective it was until it was not available for me anymore. I hear all these stories about opioid addiction, but with the Alpha-Stim, I have no problem going from 6 pills a day to some days none.

The only negative about the Alpha-Stim is it takes time. You have to have the time to put them on and sit there for 20 minutes. I can place the electrodes by myself, but it's much easier if I have someone else to precisely place the electrodes. Then I need another 20 minutes for the electrodes clipped to my ears. Where a pill only takes a second to pop it in your mouth and swallow, however, one never knows how much damage those pills do to your organs, especially if you're not drinking enough water to properly flush them out of your body.

But, I can put the leads on my back and read for that 20 minutes, putting them on my ears it's difficult for me to read during treatment, it does seem to affect my vision during treatment. But I can close my eyes and rest.

So for me, if I had to pay the $1,200 out of my pocket, instead of my $8 copay for the drugs, I'd spend the $1,200. Although I like having both for different options to treat pain, if it was an either or, I'd take the Alpha-Stim.


I use medical marijuana oil daily for severe arthritis pain. When I first decided to use it, I met with a marijuana consultant. He told me to use CBD oil and a little THC oil for the pain. I use .7 cc of CBD and .3 or .4cc of THC every 3 or 4 hours. I take it before eating and use it under my tongue. It really helps me. I have severe osteo arthritis in every joint, severe fibromyalgia and Sjogren's. Doctors want to operate on my thumbs but I have a low immune system and heart issues. Marijuana seems the be the best route. The pain in the top of my foot is awful and I will rub THC on it and it keeps the pain level down for about 4 hours. I also use Biofreeze spray on it. I have tried nerve blocs and injections of cortisone and neither of those worked for me. They actually made the pain worse- especially in my foot. I am careful with the THC. The consultant said the THC will help with the pain and the CBD will help control the effects of the THC and it does. My husband has diabetes and very bad neuropathy in his feet and he uses the same amount at night and is able to sleep. I tried acupuncture and liked it but I couldn't afford to keep up the treatments. The $25 CBD vial lasts for 2 weeks and the $25 vial of THC for 6 weeks. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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