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Posted by siliai @siliai, Apr 4, 2019

I was wondering if anyone has done alternative treatments for Bronchiectasis. I am dealing with pseudomonas and have read Stephen Buhner’s herbal antibiotics book. Has anyone tried the protocols he recommends for treating lung infections?

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Hi Terri,
Thank you so much for this info regarding saline solution. So I need a prescription from my Pulmonologist?
I never saw the chart.
Also, on another response you sent regarding questions for my Dr. Thank you again. I have learned more from this forum than my Drs. I am assuming those questions are for both pulmonologist and ID Dr.
You mentioned an older mentor with great info. How do I find her ?
Yes I will be seeking Dr at Mayo. Any suggestions on nebulizers?

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@glendamosely I just saw the chart pop up in a recent post today! It really isn't that important unless you wanted to show it to your dr. which is why I had posted it for another member. If you scroll to the top of this page and click on the magnifying glass, or 'search' box. A box will open. Type in @katemn and that should take you to her threads. Or just click on her name right here. Meanwhile, I will work on getting a list for you also. She had posted so much useful info. It would be worth your while to look at her posts.


Hi Terri,
I am receiving my nebulizer today, and Dr called in script for saline solution! Ready to get started!
Made an appt at Mayo Clinic with ID Dr.. April 30.
Anything else I need to know about nebuluzing saline solution? 2 x a day?

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