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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Oct 17, 2023 | Replies (62)

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@sweethighland I tried some herbal tinctures a few years ago that Stephen Buhner recommended (he's a very well known master herbalist and has written many books, you should look him up) and don't know if they helped or not. It's hard to know sometimes if herbal remedies work or not. There's not enough scientific evidence for them...some people swear by them, others don't. I've always been one to try something at least once when it comes to alternative medicine. But I'd say stick with nebulizing saline solution for sure.I nebulize with glutathione also and have been for a couple years but once again there's been no real scientific evidence of that either. I've had no progression in four years but I exercise six days a week, nebulize once a day with saline and then add glutathione every other day. Is it all three things? Is it two things that are working? I don't know. I will say exercise is super important, though. My best friend, who is a doctor, told me six years ago when I got diagnosed that I had to exercise every day to push this lung disease back and now I get it. You have to keep your lungs in shape. Make them breathe hard every now and then with exercise and strengthen those muscles. And then the saline makes for a very inhospitable home for all those bugs that we can get. Nan

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Thank you for your contribution!

Thank you so much Nan. What percentage saline do you use and what time? In my case, I have white jelly like mucus when I wake up. After having breakfast and around 12pm, I always have yellow-green mucus. So, I don't know what time should I use the saline.