Adverse side effects from RA and biologic drugs?

Posted by chicagomichelle @chicagomichelle, Dec 18, 2016

Have others experienced a near complete drug intolerance as a result of taking many RA drugs? After 8 years of dealing with multiple drugs, I can walk very little and now use a wheelchair when I have to go anywhere, which is seldom. Biologics blow up my knees like balloons. They never really made me any better, only worse, and I am pretty much in constant pain. I feel as if my life has been taken away from me. After being treated by the same doctor for 7 years, I finally let him go. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and even after a year, it is still very painful to me. I finally decided I had to go to Mayo and they are still working on something that can actually help rather than hurt me. I still have other specialists to see. I wrote a story about my experience with Mayo thus far. If you would like to read it, you can send me a message and I will give you a link.


Hello @chicagomichelle,

I’d like to add my welcome, too; thank you for sharing such an insightful movie about your experiences. I’m sorry that you are going through such pain, but glad that you are being an advocate for your own health.

Although prescribed for different symptoms, a few Connect members have discussed biologic drugs: @amy75, @jay_baruch, @thankful, @lorrainechavez, @sidepockets, @dancingwind, do you have any information or insight about biologic drugs for Michelle?

I would also encourage you to read this study, conducted by the Rheumatology division of Mayo Clinic, regarding TNF inhibitors:

@chicagomichelle, are you experiencing symptoms of drug intolerance? What have the doctors suggested?

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