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a dying family

Posted by @ajsmomma09, Aug 24, 2012

This January my father killed himself in our home with everyone home.I was in NC when I had gotten the phone call…I came home to help my mom because I knew she would need it.A few months passed and my sister decides to dump her two older kids on me and my mom mind u the eight years before this my mom and dad where both supporting my sister and she would take off on us all the time and leave me mom and dad to be there parents mind you I was only twelve at the time and was deff not ready to take on that kind of responsablity. She would steel n lie eve from here own kids….after my father passed away things got alot worse I have the kids full time while my mom try to figure the life out.With all this time my sister hadn’t left me a dime for her kids then today she shows up pregnant again with her forth n walks around my house like she owns it make rude comments and eat all my food but my mother is ( please keep in mind that I love my mom very much) being two faced because my sister is around…what I’m getting at is I came home to help her and it was just supposed to be between me and her and my sister has done alot of rotten things to my mom steals lies disrespect and all my mother has done is help her well now she’s been sleep here n getting things from my mom its just driving me crazy



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Posted by @piglit, Aug 24, 2012

Hi so sorry that you have been through such alot of grief and upset. Try to stay postive and be as strong as you can. Keep the faith that things will get better. Take care Piglit


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Posted by @mcd, Aug 29, 2012

sounds like your sister is a unfit mother…. go to court get the kids and take care of them… your sister needs a good kick in the pants… a bit of tough love might help… So stop helping her then maybe she would get it!

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Posted by @mouser, Sep 11, 2012

This is something that Child Protective Services can help you with. You. Can file a report for the children, but CPS can also offer services and things that can really help. It sound like a change is needed. These kids deserve better.

Cindy G

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Posted by @cindyg1, Sep 11, 2012

Don’t destroy your life by being the one to try and do it all. Call Child Protective Services, ask other relatives to step in and help, you sound like you are co-dependent. I am and I have to be sure I don’t sacrafice myself to do for others what they should be doing for themselves. To get a change you have to do something different. Do not try to figure it all out yourself. Your sister sounds like an addict, only she can change that.

Ann Heaney

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Posted by @annheaney, Sep 25, 2012

Your situation is out of control. And you need professional intervention. I suggest that you talk to your family doctor and ask for mental health professionals. I would start out with a therapist. If that is not enough you may need a psychiatrist. I currently see both a therapist and a psychiatrist perhaps for the rest of my life. These problems don’t go away over night. It takes a lot of time and patience. Stick with your mental health professionals. I know. I have been seeing mental health professionals since 1988. God be with you. Please consider my advice.

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