8 year old with swallowing issues

Posted by hopeless2021 @hopeless2021, Jun 27, 2021

Help my grandson is 8 got hit in throat w/a ball a month later after everything checked out he stops EATING I can’t swallow, crying I’m gonna die, my daughter single mom has had him all over every test done now they say it’s IN HIS HEAD, my grandson has lost 10 lbs and swears SOMETHING IS HURTING WHEN HE SWALLOW S HELP ANYONE EVER been threw this we are all a mess he’s now drinking a little but children’s hospital didn’t even give him FLUIDS ???? ANYONE PLEASE

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@hopeless2021 – Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect!
I understand that you and your grandson’s parents must be very upset and worried. Something is definitely wrong. Kids just don’t stop eating and lose 10 lbs without reason.
Can you tell me what tests he has had so far? Did he see specialists or just in ER? Did he see a pediatric ENT?


Hello @hopeless2021. I cannot imagine what your family is going through and how scared you all must be. I am not a medical professional, however, I am wondering if you have heard about dysphagia? I have shared a link to more information below to see if anything resonates and/or if it is helpful in any way.

– Dysphagia: Causes & Symptoms:
Do you have other options for where your grandson can be seen for care for another opinion?

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