Stage 3 Kidney Disease and Diet: What can I eat?

Posted by carnes @carnes, Jun 11, 2018

It seems there is very little you can eat that is healthy for the Kidneys. The web site Davida has plenty of food on it but contradicts what other sources say. Anyone know anything for breakfast, lunch and dinner that does not have any sugar or flour bodies the obvious boring or bland foods good for Kidneys and I’m allergic to sugar of any kind of sweetener and flour. Thank you.


@nicomejia2009, I am also at stage 3 and like you, have been very disappointed in my three visits with the assigned nephrologist. Changing docs is hard for me but my doc's lack of help or instruction has left me with no other choice. Hope you will post your questions and kidney journey with us because I have learned much of what I know about this diagnosis from others in this forum. I'll be requesting a referral to another neph at my next annual visit with my primary doc. Thinking of you.

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I recommend that you visit to find out about CKD.

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