100% blocked artery

Posted by capper @capper, Nov 14, 2019

Does anyone have advise/ experience with treatment or options on an artery that is 100% blocked?

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I experienced a 100 percent LAD on 3 May 1998. l was sent home by an ER doctor although the ECG was abnormal and I was in extreme pain, he stated that he did not know what was wrong with me. I went to another hospital the next morning, a PA correctly diagnosed my condition by looking at the very same ECG as the doctor had seen 24 hours earlier. By then Troponin I was 67.8 and subsequently, my LAD has 30 percent dead tissue. Ejection fraction dropped to 30 percent for days. Angioplasty balloon could not be inserted, the Cardiologist had to use angiojet. I have annual physical checkups, Medication includes Losartan, Metprolol, and Atorvastatin. I take vitamine suppliments and aspirin DAILY as well. Additionally, I EXERCISE almost daily for my health, I complete 50 pushups. I STAY AWAY from sugar and saturated fats from animals and eat plenty of vegetables. A1c is 4.8, Glucose is 74 for fasting and GTT, my EF raised to 55, and all other CBC tests are normal. My heart attack was more than 22 years ago, I am now 75, I am 6'2" and weigh 176lb.


@phuloi67- WOW! You were very fortunate to survive that! I also had a HA back in 2014 with my LAD 100% blocked. They didn't realize that I was having one even though I kept telling them I'm having a HA. You are very right about the pain! In my opinion that was the worst part! After EKG, X-rays, etc. they said I was not presenting? It wasn't till they had an Echo Tech come into the ER that they realized what was going on. They were able to place a stent in my LAD. I also ended up with a fair amount of dead tissue and an EF of 30. It took me more than 2 years to get it above 55.
Glad to hear you are still with us and exercising & eating right! Jim@thankful


I had a CT scan done and the test results said I had mild o moderate CHD but when I had a MRI stress function test done after the test said nothing about the blockages just that I had a mild leaky heart valve so I’m confused what about my blockages

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