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Treating Osteoporosis: What works for you?

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Has anyone received their 1st BMD scan with a low t-score, like -3.1 in the spine, and been prescribed Forteo? I’m 50 and a little freaked out as I thought I doing a baseline BMD scan. I have no underlying conditions that can explain the extremely low score. Family history of estrogen-receptive cancer puts HRT out of the question. I would like to wait a year, increase calcium/vit D/exercise, and get another scan. Thoughts?

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I would want to know my calcium and parathyroid hormone , vit d levels are before supplementing .

I’m guessing my vitamin D level was low because now that I am taking 2 supplements it is currently 35. I am taking 800 IU in am and 1,000 IU with dinner. My calcium level was probably a little low, too, as my multivitamin was only 500 mg and I was probably only obtaining another serving of calcium during the day (milk with dinner). So, with the additional calcium supplement I am at 1100 mg of calcium outside of food. I also had the 24 hour urine collection/analysis and that was normal. My PCP ordered additional testing (TSH, serum, PTH, electrophoresis, protein,etc.) and everything came back normal.

I am new to this group and also was diagnosed with osteoporosis (-3.7 spine) recently at 52. My doctor said that I need to go on medication right away- and that lifestyle changes (diet/exercise) will not be enough. However, after reading about the various medications, I am hesitant to take them and am also thinking of waiting a year, improving my diet and exercising to see if this helps. I also have an appointment Friday with an endocrinologist to see what he recommends. My vitamin D level was low (23) so I was prescribed a high dosage for three months. My calcium was 9.7 MG/DL. I am still researching the meds but the more I read the scarier it gets!

I can understand everyone’s fear of the side effects, but the very likely side effect of not getting treated quickly is a permanent wheelchair. I am not kidding here! I am 50, had two breaks before I got my bones tested. I have a 2.5 ish score on 2/3 of my bones. Please believe me that getting into this breaking cycle is VERY hard to get out of. I cracked a rib and was immobilized for 8 weeks. I was in good health to begin with but not a common exerciser. I lost so much in balance and strength that another fall was ineviatable. Broke my elbow, now my ankle. Been unable to walk for 8 weeks and counting because my bad bones broke soooooooooooooo much worse than they would have if they are healthy. Even with medication osteoporosis takes 2 – 3 years to fix. Anyone care to guess how many times more over the next few years I am going to fall and break somethIng during that time? What if it’s my hip? Sincerely I beg you to consider getting treated as soon as you can!

I went that exact route six years ago (-3 ) and now have a compression fracture! I know what you mean about wanting to avoid the meds, but not sure there is a better alternative. You do not want a fracture!! I’m on my 5th month of healing with very limited activity!

I joined the group today because i wanted to find out about what other people are going thru with osteoporosis. My doctor also wanted me to go on medication, but i came across a book called SaveOurBones by Vivian Goldschmidt. I wanted to see if i could better results with an improved diet. I did increase my veggies, almond milk, calcium, but i was challenging
trying to follow an alkalizing vs. acidifying diet. I did not want to take those bisphosphonates. I have a sensitive stomach.
The doctor gave me Vitamin D and Calcium (but get the calcium from food) My vit. D level was 11 very low. Took 50,000 units of Vit. D. once a week. The thought of not being able to walk is getting to scary.

I’m taking Forteo. My last DEXA was -2.5 – I’ve had no problems with the drug. I also take 2,000 units Vitamin D a day on my doctor’s recommendation. Good luck to you.

Thanks for your reply. I am curious as to your out-of-pocket costs. I found out that with my insurance, it would cost me a total of  $6,000 over the 2-year program – at the least. The company reports that the price goes up three times a year so it would be even more.

I am on my second month of forteo. So far the co-pay is $20/month. I’m told the Lilly co and the specialty drug store can help get your co-pay reduced if it is high.

I checked out the specialty drug company you mentioned, called Lilly Cares, and found that they have an income cap for discounting their drugs, and I did not qualify because my income is over the cap. I called the company to verify and I was told that I did not qualify for any discounts.