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Treating Osteoporosis

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Has anyone received their 1st BMD scan with a low t-score, like -3.1 in the spine, and been prescribed Forteo? I’m 50 and a little freaked out as I thought I doing a baseline BMD scan. I have no underlying conditions that can explain the extremely low score. Family history of estrogen-receptive cancer puts HRT out of the question. I would like to wait a year, increase calcium/vit D/exercise, and get another scan. Thoughts?

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Hi Scottsdalenana: Is Hydrochorothyazide a water pill? the reason I ask is I take Dyazide which is a water pill. Any side effects from
Prolia? Does it bother your stomach at all? I have so many questions because of my stomach problems. Thanks again

@caress Regarding your question about Hydrochorothyazide. Here is a link that will provide you with some information about it, https://www.drugs.com/hydrochlorothiazide.html. Teresa

thank you Teresa for the valuable information on hydrochorothyazide.

I found that I cannot take hydroclorothyazide any more. I took it when I was younger, but tried it 5 yrs ago with Valsartin for blood pressure and it made me very sick. I don’t know why, perhaps age related. So, if you take it be sure to let your doctor know about all side effects you may have. Good luck.

thank you gailb for letting me know, I take a water pill diazide so when I saw hydroclorothyazide I was curious to see what it was

I know its important to take calcium IF your blood count is low but dont take it everyday or yes unfortunately you will get into trouble your food has calcium in it My Dr told me I have Osteopenia 20 years ago and said dont take extra calcium your blood count is within range so I havent and I dont have osteoporosis . Im sorry to say but it was good PR that made us all think we need to take it . Im sorry to hear of everyone that has it .

I am glad to hear that you don't have to take calcium, but do you take vit. D it is so important for you not to be low ….Beryl

@beryl. I do take D5000 and magnesium as these are need by your organs and calcium but watch your labs and talk to Dr about calcium if its within range you dont want to hurt by taking if you don't need it.

I have severe osteoporosis. I am on my 3rd year of seeing a wellness coach at a local physical therapy place. I started doing an hour twice a week of strength and resistance training. Then I dropped to an hour a week and Medicare will pay for physical therapy for resistance training. So I do an hour with a wellness coach (individual training) and intense. Then 40 minutes with a physical therapist. Not on the same day. After 1 1/2 years with the wellness coach and a year with the physical therapist, it stopped the osteoporosis in my spine but not my hips. I cannot take the Boniva, Fosamax of the world. My only resort now is for Prolia. But my first bone scan was in 1999, the year I turned 50 and my spine scan was -1.44 then. . It took until 2018 to get to -2.5 in my spine. My total left hip was scanned in 2008 at -2.5 and in 2019 it was -3.4. I am still weighing whether I want Prolia at 70 years old.

FYI. I went through stage 3/ Chemo radiation and had 2.6. Moved around for 2 1/2 yrs finally settled got new numbers 3.2 3.4— so if that helps you decide – Was taking D3 and calcium but not a focused exercise program and no meds. Your choice but I honestly don’t understand all the discussions about starting meds or which one. I think everyone is used to the process, why is osteoporosis meeting such consternation? I just started some while the researchers decide if I should change post cancer pill as well. I’m not fazed by this. Maybe I’ve come to understand I truly am happy to be here. I’ll read up on what I’m taking. But I’m taking it you can be sure. Mayo has my 100% confidence in their decisions. for now. 😉

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