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Treating Osteoporosis

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Has anyone received their 1st BMD scan with a low t-score, like -3.1 in the spine, and been prescribed Forteo? I’m 50 and a little freaked out as I thought I doing a baseline BMD scan. I have no underlying conditions that can explain the extremely low score. Family history of estrogen-receptive cancer puts HRT out of the question. I would like to wait a year, increase calcium/vit D/exercise, and get another scan. Thoughts?

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Thank you very much for your information. Apparently you are being helped with these drugs and I am glad to hear it. As for me, I decided against Forteo and Prolia because of the risks (also, with Forteo, the expense). I was willing to go on a bisophosonate like Fosamax or Activol (I had been on Foxamax previously for 8 years) but my doctor said it might do me more harm than good. So I am trying to build bone with exercise and diet alone.  

Just a thought,@jaleen. Does your diet include modest Vitamin D levels (not many thousands daily, but a few thousands)? Have your Parathyroid hormones been tested for calcium impact?

Hello, I am 54 and with a similar frightening result, I also looked at the table with the multitude of scores, the specialist will have and my whole spine was affected. However I have since gone on to learn so much. Bone strength is not just how it looks on a DEXA scan, but also compression strength and expansion strength. The whole bone building process is interrupted taking these drugs (i had 1 prolia shot). Unless you know what you started with I think there is no need to panic, though I say this to myself too. There is SO much good info out there..

My endocrinologist and rheumatologist doctors told me the same thing about avoiding meds. I also am very leary of taking them with all the side effects. I have a very sensitive stomach. My vitamin D level was very low too (11) so I was put on 50,000 Vit. D units once a week, my Vit. D. did come up to 40. Yes so true the more I read about these bisphosphonates the scarier it becomes. What to do, what to do…

I go may 9 for infusion for osteoporosis. I have no clue as to what the side effects are but am into the nibeth montj of healing from a hip fracture. I can’t walk without aid of walker or cane. This is the hardest thing that has ever happened to me.I cant imagine side effects to be worse.

oh I’m so sorry to hear this, I hope you don’t have any problems with the infusion and hope and pray it helps you

Thank you caress i hope it helps too and i need the prayer too

I had reclast infusion 2 days ago with no side effects. Just thought I’d let you know.

My calcium always runs a little high (10.4 to 11.1) and my parathyroid level was high (134) but is now normal. I have osteoporosis and osteopenia. What kind of treatment that would not include calcium is there? I was told not to take calcium by the endocrinologist. Should you have treatment or not with high calcium levels.

I fractured my hip 10 mths. Ago and still on walker. Since then have gotten the firxt of the yearly reclast infusion a month ago. So far no problems. I hope it helps. It was my first broken bone. I’m 81.

@faith123 Thanks for updating us on your treatment. I also hope that the infusion is helpful to you. Teresa

I have high urine calcium levels, so my endocrinologist also recommended I not take calcium supplements, but do take Vitamin D 1000 IU daily and hydrochorothyazide to prevent kidney stones from forming. I also get Prolia shots semiannually and have actually seen a significant increase in bone mass. Actonel did nothing for me and Forteo did not fit my life style. Hope that helps!

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