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boredsilly (@boredsilly)

On going shortness of breath

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Hello @boredsilly, @cognac, @patriciapatricia,

I’d like to welcome you, and thank you for joining Mayo Clinic Connect.

@boredsilly, you are not alone in the symptoms you’ve described. I’d like to introduce you to @bergordon, who has had 2 cardioversions, and to @cherriann, whose husband also has shortness of breath; you can view their posts in these discussions:

@cognac, we have some very active, insightful discussions in the “Lung Health” group on Connect, which you may wish to go through: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/lung-conditions/
May I ask if you would share a few more details about your lung health, and why you need back surgery?

@patriciapatricia, may I ask what brings you to Connect? We look forward to getting to know all of you.

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Replies to "Hello @boredsilly, @cognac, @patriciapatricia, I'd like to welcome you, and thank you for joining Mayo Clinic..."

patriciapatricia – In response to your question, I’m seeing a therapist for Depression and she suggested it.

kanaazpereia, Did I respond to your questions sufficiently? Do you need more information on my lung health or need for back surgery? I so, please let me know.

kanaazpereia, I forgot. Thank you for suggesting joining the lung group. I’m going there now.