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Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritic Knees

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Most traditional orthopedists would not recommend stem cell at this point as it is not FDA approved and insurance will not cover it. However, my stem cell doc is a retired orthopedic surgeon with a wonderful reputation. For years he had felt there should be a better way than invasive surgeries to correct joint problems. He retired, studied for 4 years, then came back to part time practice just doing stem cell therapy on joints. I am almost 6 weeks out from mine. No joint pain at all, just some soreness and stiffness where my knee is still swollen—but not as swollen as it was before the procedure. I have had two PRP’s (one prior to the procedure and one just a week after) and will have another in a few more weeks. The PRP’s help the stem cells to heal the joint. My stem cells were taken from both bone marrow and from fat cells in my buttocks. I am delighted with the results so far. I would not go to one of the “advertising clinics” that do stem cells. I would not want a chiropractor or non orthopedist to do my procedure. Mine was also done in a sterile room which could be important. A lot to think about, for sure, but do careful and lengthy research before you commit.

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Where did you have the stem cell procedure done?

i had my stem cells from Dr Kruse in Toledo, ohio, 419-578-7515

Please let us know how it turns out. Good luck !!

Hi there. I’ve had issues with my neck and shoulder which are related. I’m getting an MRI to see if I have bulging disk in C4 and C5. My bicep and anterior deltoid was atrophied some 6 months ago. I began using a tractable device my friend(who’s a neurosurgeon) recommended. Worked good and neck felt better. Furthermore, my bicep came back fully innervated. However, my ant deltoid is still atrophied. There’s tightness and pain in the shoulder as the muscle is flat and the joint is tender. My pain doctor said if it’s in my neck, I should do stem cell therapy. If it’s in my shoulder then do PRP. He charges $10k for stem cell which is really high. Therefore I was thinking of going to Mexico in the event that I need it. But I saw your post about it being $4700. That also included PRP. Your post gave me confidence that it works and affordable. Any advice or info you can give me other than what was posted would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

$10,000. is the highest $$$$ I ever heard.
Remember after they take fat out and Spin then you can ask for as many injections as you want. Even though SC did not help my Bone on bone knee, I still felt more vital, rejuvenated, better balance and I was not so fragile anymore.

As many injections? Does this mean in different areas on the same visit? Thx

Yes, in the same visit, inject into all areas that u want. All same price. I had 5 injections in 5 joints.

i had one injection in the knee. That was all i needed.Sore for a week but i notice the difference

My cost was $7000 for knee and $1000 for the back. For me it was worth it.

Hello @gosabi0212, welcome to Connect. I am glad you were able to get such quick responses in regards to stem cell therapy. If you are interested, Mayo Clinic does have a regenerative medicine department that you can contact for more information on stem cell therapies. They may even be able to help give you advice on things to look out for when you are seeking care:

How the process works when a patient call the Regenerative Medicine Consult Service:

Transplant Call-in Center

What to expect when you call the number:
– An employee will answer and ask the nature of why you are calling
– Say you are interested to stem cells for osteoarthritis or whichever joint ails you
– The employee will funnel your call to the appropriate coordinators from there
– For joint issues, you will be transferred to PMR (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
– Appointment coordinators will ask more specific questions (inclusion and exclusion criteria)

If you meet the criteria:
– You will be asked to send in your records and a doctor will look at it in a case-by-case basis

Important Notes to be Aware of:
– PMR is a busy practice, so wait times may exist but answers will be given
– If a treatment exists in the clinic for a diagnosis (i.e. Leukemia) stem cells are not offered
– Price is out of pocket
– Types of stem cell treatments offered are Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) injections and Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections.

You can find more specific information on these types of injections here, http://mayocl.in/2AUIoAn.

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