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Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritic Knees

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Most traditional orthopedists would not recommend stem cell at this point as it is not FDA approved and insurance will not cover it. However, my stem cell doc is a retired orthopedic surgeon with a wonderful reputation. For years he had felt there should be a better way than invasive surgeries to correct joint problems. He retired, studied for 4 years, then came back to part time practice just doing stem cell therapy on joints. I am almost 6 weeks out from mine. No joint pain at all, just some soreness and stiffness where my knee is still swollen—but not as swollen as it was before the procedure. I have had two PRP’s (one prior to the procedure and one just a week after) and will have another in a few more weeks. The PRP’s help the stem cells to heal the joint. My stem cells were taken from both bone marrow and from fat cells in my buttocks. I am delighted with the results so far. I would not go to one of the “advertising clinics” that do stem cells. I would not want a chiropractor or non orthopedist to do my procedure. Mine was also done in a sterile room which could be important. A lot to think about, for sure, but do careful and lengthy research before you commit.

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Your doctor sounds great–can you give his contact information, location and any other relevant information. Thanks so much!

In Toledo, Dr Kruse, Wildwood Family Practice, 419-578-7036

My doctor is Laurence McClish in Reno, NV. I think he is great! Come to our beautiful area, stay a couple of weeks cheaply at a casino, and enjoy the sites as well as have your procedure done!

Most traditional orthopedists would not recommend stem cell at this point as it is not FDA approved and insurance will not cover it. So what if FDA is behind the times? In a few years i’ll bet cells will be covered by insurance. Why Medicare would rather pay out $60,000. for surgery when $4500. may do it all, with no failures?
Has anyone ever heard of someone Not having Great results with cells?

Some people tell me their friend has had no luck but no detail. I know hip procedures have been downgraded to 50% success rate. My friend had it done and is happy with it. His wife had her wrist done. One person said regenexx is expensive. I have no way to know. Their is a chiropractor in our area doing it but I am not looking that direction. Another office opened up that is a business but I can not find out any information on them. Hopefully the medical community will do the research and allow insurance to cover it. Think of the savings.

I was hoping but did not have any relief from stem cells put in my knee

Were PRP shots included before and after? These seem to really help the results. I had one 5 days before, one right after, one a week after and one 6 weeks after. My doc thinks they are crucial to the work of the stem cells.

SO, u had surgery and cells before and after.?

No. I had PRP shots before and after my stem cell procedure. No surgery.

Why do you think that happened? How much $? Cause I can get them for $4500. or $2000. so something is different.
What happened after that? Surgery?

It was all included in the stem cell procedure for $4700. Knee and shoulder (will do 2 joints at same time) stem cell procedure with 4 PRP shots in each to help the stem cells. Dr. McClish has been doing this for over 4 years with great success.

WHERE are u located.? Seems like a good deal.
Dr. ? McClish

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