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Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritic Knees

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Most traditional orthopedists would not recommend stem cell at this point as it is not FDA approved and insurance will not cover it. However, my stem cell doc is a retired orthopedic surgeon with a wonderful reputation. For years he had felt there should be a better way than invasive surgeries to correct joint problems. He retired, studied for 4 years, then came back to part time practice just doing stem cell therapy on joints. I am almost 6 weeks out from mine. No joint pain at all, just some soreness and stiffness where my knee is still swollen—but not as swollen as it was before the procedure. I have had two PRP’s (one prior to the procedure and one just a week after) and will have another in a few more weeks. The PRP’s help the stem cells to heal the joint. My stem cells were taken from both bone marrow and from fat cells in my buttocks. I am delighted with the results so far. I would not go to one of the “advertising clinics” that do stem cells. I would not want a chiropractor or non orthopedist to do my procedure. Mine was also done in a sterile room which could be important. A lot to think about, for sure, but do careful and lengthy research before you commit.

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I had a TKR and have had problems ever since. I have had friends who have had mixed results. Some good and some with problems. I met with dr kruse of toledo who specializes in sports medicine and stem cells. We met and he looked st my mri and said I was a candidate. The stem cells are taken from the hip and mixed with your blood. Then the cells are injected into the knee. You go home, lay around, watch tv and read, and ten days later I notice the improvement.
I took no pain pills but they gave me a prescription that I did not use.
I have the same flexibility and can kneel down on the knee. I bike, golf, walk, but no longer play tennis. Downsize is cost. $7000 is not covered by insurance. Good luck

Ok, where, what Dr.? Cost? Why did it not work? What did Dr. Say.?

I have mentioned before that I had DR Kruse in toledo, ohio. Cost $7,000, I first heard of stem cells for arthritis from Mayo Clinic. It worked so far for me. Have a friend that took about a year but he said it is working for him. Same dr. My dr looked at my mri and had me walk. He felt I was a candidate. I knew others who were rejected. I trust him and the procedure. Good luck.

Would you please post contact information for Dr. McClish?

Am happy to post concerning Dr. McClish. Have been very happy with my results and the price was same as Mayo at $4700.
Laurence McClish MD
605 Sierra Rose Dr Ste 4
Sierra Metabolic and Cellular Medicine
Reno, NV 89511

Phone number (775) 348-8100 Leave name and number and someone will get back to you

Thank you for your reply about Dr. McClish. Were your knees arthritic and how bad were they?

I went to a “seminar” on stem cell regenerative medicine put on by one of theses advertising clinics . They claim stems cells from amniotic fluids and tissues will assis re growing of knee cartlidge . My orthopedist said cartlidge can not be regrown . Now trying to sort out what’s real. Need repalcement surgery and stem cell injection sounded so good . But is it just advertising ?

Sounds like my story. I tried the TKR as I was told how wonderful it was. For me it was not. That is why I did my home work. Sounds to me if they are advertising etc I would look carefully. I have noticed places opening up around our area. Be careful and research the firms. If they cannot give you any data, move on.

You raise a very serious question about efficacy of placental stem cells ; my orthopedist said it will not re grow cartlidge. Stem cell injection costs $5000 includes but I can’t find any science reports that show it works long term ! Does any one have a place to investigate this issue ?

Is the group recommending the stem cell run by Orthopedist or Chriopractor and P.A. Did they tell you the injections would replace the damaged or missing cartlidge ?

If your writing about regenexx,look them up on the web. Good web site, shows you were their offices are located. I know one of my Drs teaches there once ina while.

My left knee was bone on bone and very painful. Sometimes I could not walk at all. My stem cell procedure was done last April and so far so good. The Baker’s cyst on the back of the leg still comes and goes but we knew it would likely not fix that. I just don’t think I would go to one of the clinics that advertise and promote. Sorry for the late reply but we spent all of Dec in Southwest Asia (lots of walking) and I am just now getting caught up.

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