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Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritic Knees

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Most traditional orthopedists would not recommend stem cell at this point as it is not FDA approved and insurance will not cover it. However, my stem cell doc is a retired orthopedic surgeon with a wonderful reputation. For years he had felt there should be a better way than invasive surgeries to correct joint problems. He retired, studied for 4 years, then came back to part time practice just doing stem cell therapy on joints. I am almost 6 weeks out from mine. No joint pain at all, just some soreness and stiffness where my knee is still swollen—but not as swollen as it was before the procedure. I have had two PRP’s (one prior to the procedure and one just a week after) and will have another in a few more weeks. The PRP’s help the stem cells to heal the joint. My stem cells were taken from both bone marrow and from fat cells in my buttocks. I am delighted with the results so far. I would not go to one of the “advertising clinics” that do stem cells. I would not want a chiropractor or non orthopedist to do my procedure. Mine was also done in a sterile room which could be important. A lot to think about, for sure, but do careful and lengthy research before you commit.

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My group said that once insurance agrees to cover stem cell therapy the prices will rise exponentially. not logical, Insurance covers, much less $$.
Insurance covers, many drs. will be in on it then competition.

@cobweb Cob I thought they don’t use your own stem cells because they are old. The group I’m talking with uses placenta or umbilical cord stem cells for that reason. Thanks, Gail B

@mari, As Soon As Insurance Gets Involved the cost will rise exponentially and you’ll still end up pay 20% copay which would be higher than the current cost! Leave well enough alone is my advice. Gail B Ledesma

Doctor said he doesn’t want to use a babies etc because of potential problems. He used my cells.

I would just again like to remind everyone of Mayo Clinic’s Regenerative Medicine’s free Consult Service. I noticed we have crossed in to some confusing territory regarding where stem cells are taken from and where they are not taken from. In the interest of each of our members getting the best possible information about stem cells, this is a great service for those who have serious concerns or questions about stem cells.

If you call them, you will talk to a live person who will provide more information, research, and advice on seeking stem cell therapy from reputable providers, even if that provider is not Mayo Clinic. Their primary goal is to educate and help you find effective treatment.

Furthermore, you can add your name to a database to be notified when additional studies and information become available. Here’s more information about the stem cell Consult Service http://www.mayo.edu/research/centers-programs/center-regenerative-medicine/patient-care/clinical-services/regenerative-medicine-consult-service. Or simply call 1-844-276-2003 to speak with one of our experts.

@JustinMcClanahan, I just contacted the Regenerative Medicine Consult Service for information. Since this is all new to me, I want to make sure that any information I receive or pass on is correct. I certainly trust Mayo to provide correct, up to date information. Thank you for your reminder. Gail B Ledesma

The problem is the big pharmaceutical companies, they lobby to keep expensive drugs and hospital bills in the game, same with insurance, big money, if Medicare only paid out $4500 for a procedure that was outpatient, there are no drugs involved, no hospital bills, etc.

@lynettegable, Where did the stem cells come from? yourself or amniotic? Was there a brand of stem cell injection?

My stem cells came from my hip and mixed with my blood. I would think twice about using someone else stem cells. The regenexx web site covers this and my doctors were trained by them. I notice now many other people getting into stem cells like chiropractors. Be careful out there.

Well, why aren’t we a band of lobbyists? Who can we appeal to? Do we have a voice? Should we contact our Senators. What? – any suggestions?
I’m about to pay $4500. for cells for joints. Hoping for better outcome than taking a chance w Surgery. Some of you have had horror stories w Surgery. My Dr. Says stem cells are SAFE!
PS, Then I won’t have difficulty going thru TSA.

i talked with insurance companies, not sure but i think the fed has to get involved. good luck

Please give more info; what kind of Dr.? Where done? Where were cells taken from? $?, What was tried before. After?

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