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Excessive mucus without cough

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THANKS of all of you kind people for your concern
Thank you @jms7
Thank you @colleenyoung
I want to say that I started to suffer with having excess of mucus 3 months ago and it last for 2 months WITHOUT anther any symptom. after that I began to find difficulty in breath and i feel that my lung could not do its function because of i feel mucus get accumulating in airways.
I do not have anther symptoms like fever or cold . just continually excess of mucus in which i find difficulty in throw it out and recently problem in breathing.
I did swab throat and it found diplococci and candida and also did x -ray for chest
I sent those tests to the doctor and give me medicine;azithromycine 500 mg antibiotic for 3 days and montelukast and levocetirizine.
I take these medicines for 2 weeks but I could not get better.

I want to add if it is safe to use Expectorant medicine like mucosolvan to help in expelling phlegm But i am afraid if this can give bad impact because i do not have coughing to push mucus out SO may using expectorant medicine would not be right choice in my case.

thanks for your kindness gentle people

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I have Bronchiectasis in my lungs. i use serrapeptase enzymes to clear mucus in my lungs. i don’t cough it up at all. it breaks it down and the body clears away in a few weeks. please google Serrapeptase enzyme and read about. as it also can prevent the blood from clotting which is not good before surgery. also if you cut yourself, you need to clot. I take a lower dose. initially I took a larger dose and it worked VERY VERY well at reducing mucus in my lungs. as soon as I felt better, I lowered the dose and now I am maintaining very well.

Hello @marzz, (do you have a first name .. makes it so much more personal!) really interesting! Questions .. do you use the 400mg? What brand have you found you like the best? Also have you passed this by your Pulmonologist and gotten an OK from them? We have to be careful posting anything that might get anyone in trouble .. we all are taking different meds etc .. so each must take that into consideration. I know my husband takes a med that decreases his clotting .. thanks for pointing that factor out. Best to all! Katherine.

@hishamhussain, I am very concerned that you NOT give up until you feel you have received a diagnosis YOU are comfortable with! I always say that you are given but one body in this lifetime .. and if you do not take good care of it .. IT CANNOT take good care of you!

What does this mean? YOU must be your OWN best advocate! Nobody cares about your body as much as you do. That you MUST continue to research .. GET COPIES of any/all records of EACH/EVERY doctor you see for YOURSELF to keep in your possession-only allow a new doctor to take copies .. continue to seek out doctors until YOU feel you have been given a definitive diagnosis. TOO MANY of us have been misdiagnosed prior to finally receiving our correct diagnosis. Remember: “If it is to be .. it is up to YOU!” Keep plugging along .. keep asking questions .. keep researching .. until you find your answers.

I have said that I read an article years ago about a woman who went to SEVENTEEN doctors before she received a correct diagnosis! I kept this in mind as I raised my children .. never giving up if I felt I was not getting the correct answers!

WHEN you feel you have received the accurate diagnosis .. do what you are told .. follow the instructions .. THEN just live your life as happily and serenely as you possibly can. Our diseases are NOT “Who” we are .. they are merely a “Piece” of who we are! Sending you a hug in this difficult time! Katherine

^^^^ totally fantastic advice!!!!!!!!!!!

You are so very welcome Hisham! We all care very much, and all of us know what it is like to have difficulty breathing. It can be so terrifying, and many people do not understand, no matter how much you tell them. It sounds like you have much work ahead of you, detective work! By this I mean perhaps making some changes in your diet and environment. Foods like dairy, sugars, sugary drinks, can really increase difficulties with mucus and also the body’s ability to keep the lungs strong! I eat lots of low-sugar foods and stay away from dairy! I drink many glasses of bottled Spring water a day, and lots of green tea. Eating raw organic apples, lots of organic spinach (raw or cooked), and lots of olive oil can really help with infections, good balance in the immune system, and lung health! It also helps to reduce white flour, sugar, and processed foods for very good alternatives. It’s worth it! You might also consider changing laundry detergents and cleaning supplies to more natural brands. These are small but long-term ways that lung health can really be improved. Please continue to keep us all posted on your health – so much of good health involves love and support from other people! Once you heal, you will help others heal as well! With Love and Healing, JMS : )

Your Dr would best know if you should use an expectorant, and it is good of you to be cautious and careful. This is very wise. There is a nice tea I really like for my lungs called “Breathe Deep” by Yogi Tea. I mention it because it is gentle, made for lung health, and supports healing. It is so wonderful and tastes so good, people without lung damage ask me for some when they visit, or when I carry some with me in a thermos say it smells so good what is it!!! Also, the warmth and the vapors from the essential oils in the herbs are very good for the respiratory system and nasal passages. I sometimes see it at Target, but always Whole Foods and some other big grocery stores. The ingredients are listed on the side and are pretty gentle – none should be an issue unless someone drank like 20 cups in one day! : )
Always good to check all the ingredients anyway. Greens tea has natural antibiotic properties and also natural caffeine, which opens up the airways a little bit. It also has antioxidants that help heal the lungs and keep you well in general. This is a small thing a person can do that is not expensive, but can make a difference in comfort and healing! We need strong lungs to live a good life! : )

Thanks @jms7 for this invaluable information ad I will try to follow

thanks dear @jms7 for all these precious guidance you give me
I am really get surprised about the dairy and sugar if they are medically harm for lungs disease especially in cases like me with excess mucus

It is my sincere pleasure! Yes try reducing dairy, cold foods, and sugary drinks or food from your diet, even by just a little bit and you may feel better because of it. You don’t have to do it all suddenly, but often, cold foods, sugary drinks, and dairy are very hard on the lungs because they all produce inflammation and make the lungs work harder! If you like spicy foods and your stomach is ok with it, cayenne, turmeric, cumin, curry, cinnamon, holy basil, ginger and other pungent “warming” spices really help the lungs stay strong and clear! You should of course always stay on your medicines, but sometimes changes in diet and environment help us heal so much! Take good care and cherish the day! : )

Correction – all those things don’t necessarily produce inflammation, but some do, and other cold items, especially cold dairy can produce mucous for many people! : )

Sometimes I do something very simple like drink hot water with some fresh lemon juice and honey. This is very wonderful for the lungs and throat. For me, it does help clear my lungs and keep them happy! The lungs have a better chance of getting rid of mucous when a person is well hydrated.

@jms7 .. sorry but can’t help but wish you were still posting on my Forum with your great ideas! Katherine

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