Using the Mayo Clinic App

Apr 21, 2020 | Olivia White | @oliviawhite | Comments (1)

mss_0001490828Whether you are a caregiver or a transplant recipient, having the ability to quickly communicate with the transplant care team is important. Some larger medical facilities have online portals and apps for your smart phone to help streamline your access to medical care and your health records. The Mayo Clinic app is full of helpful tools all at your fingertips. From requesting an appointment with your care team, viewing test results or radiology images, to a secure messaging system where you can communicate with your care team, you can use the app to ease the burden of communication with the medical system that sometimes exists.

The Mayo Clinic app also offers health news and practical advice you can use. You are able to start or end your day with health insights, fitness videos, recipes and wellness tips. From workout advice, meal plans and recipes to the latest on prevention and self-care for your whole family the Mayo Clinic app has so much to offer. A transplant patient will be connected with their transplant team from pre to post transplant. By downloading the Mayo Clinic app, staying connected to your transplant team is that much easier and also streamlines your ability to share your health records when seeing other physicians, like your primary care team. Medication lists are also easily available, making requesting prescription refills and remembering drug names a lot easier.

The Mayo Clinic app is also a resource for some of the most up-to-date information on COVID-19. Including information regarding appointment guidance, Q&A's for Mayo Clinic patients, facts about the disease, tips on managing mental health and stress during this time and more.






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