Bone marrow transplant

Aug 6, 2020 | Jennifer O'Hara | @jenohara


A bone marrow transplant is a procedure that infuses healthy blood-forming stem cells into your body to replace your damaged or diseased bone marrow. Bone marrow transplants may use cells from your own body (autologous transplant) or from a donor (allogeneic transplant). Bone marrow transplants can benefit people with a variety of both cancerous (malignant) and noncancerous (benign) diseases.

On this episode of Mayo Clinic Q&A, Dr. William Hogan, director of the Mayo Clinic Bone Marrow Transplant program, discusses bone marrow transplant.

Connect with other patients and caregivers talking about the bone marrow transplant and supporting one another in the Blood Cancers & Disorders support group.


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