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Roberto Benzo MD MSc.

Benzo, Roberto P., M.D.

I am a practicing pulmonologist and clinical researcher. My passion is in Behavioral Rehabilitation, using coaching, lifestyle changes, mindful communication, and meditation to improve well-being.

Because of my personal practice of meditation and my work at the Mayo Clinic Wellness Center, I developed a strong interest in promoting mindfulness in chronic disease.

My research promotes the idea that any change needs to be found meaningful by the user to make an impact and become a habit.

I learned the most by listening, to patients and other colleagues. I realized, regarding what is really most important about being a provider, is that patients really value if we care for them - not how much knowledge we have. The “care” is what makes a difference and helps the patients to implement changes.

My research funded by the National Institutes of Health has allowed me to generate and publish science on the very core of this blog - Mindfulness and Health.

I am an active triathlete. I love the outdoors and meditation, and especially enjoy the support that my family and friends provide me all the time.

Maria Benzo MD

I am a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor and Clinical Researcher working for the Mindful Breathing Lab. I am dedicated to lifestyle medicine, health coaching, and positive psychology.

My personal experience with mindfulness started when I dealt with the stress of trying to balance my work and family life. I have become a mindfulness practitioner by training and mindfulness reaps into all domains of my life, from the professional to the personal level in parenting and relationships.

I have been professionally dedicated to pulmonary Rehabilitation and from this perspective, the awareness of the breath has been a gateway to improved well-being.

In the past years working at the Mindful Breathing Lab, I have been able to expand my knowledge and experience in positive psychology and its influences on health. I am a firm believer in living a life that aligns with our core values. Having a sense of meaning and purpose in life and cultivating positive relationships are at the heart of my wellbeing. I encourage myself and all to focus on experiencing positive emotions in the present moment and also savoring the good times.

I enjoy laughing with friends and family, doing exercise, yoga, and dancing. I live by my life principles, "Live mindful, Love, and Be happy."